Family and Friends – quality time together. You’re Fired is truly a multi-generational family experience. Grandparents, moms, dads, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, couples and even groups of “ladies night-outers” can do something fun, educational and therapeutic – TOGETHER!





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  • Jacob Downs
    Jacob Downs
    a week ago

    It’s really fun to pick something and paint it. You get a nick-nac or personal dishware or something when you’re done. I think the price is fair, my wife and I spent $55 to each do a piece; I did a little gnome and my did a serving platter. They do all the cleanup so when you’re done painting you just pay and leave.

  • Durthquake
    2 years ago

    Had a great time. Fun for whole family.

  • Jenna Wilson
    Jenna Wilson
    a year ago

    I can't give 5 stars because the experience can vary depending on which staff members are working when you paint. I paint almost weekly and usually have a great experience, however yesterday was different. There was a manager, Shirley, there yesterday that I'd never seen before. I watched her scold her teenage employee in the customer area right in front of me. Apparently Shirley had asked the staff member to do something and she didn't go do it. When questioned about it, the staff member said she wasn't exactly sure what she needed to do so she hadn't started the project yet. Shirley snapped at her and rudely said she needed to do what she was told or the she could just go home. Again, this was done in the middle of the studio in front of me rather than in the back room out of earshot. Shirley also told the customers we had to stop painting 15 minutes before closing. I've never had a staff member say anything like that. In fact, a former staff member allowed me to stay an extra 10 minutes after closing to finish up while she cleaned. I felt like I was in elementary school being nagged by the mean librarian. If Shirley is there the next time I walk into the Concord studio, I'm going to leave and come back another day to paint in peace!

  • Sarah Miner
    Sarah Miner
    a year ago

    Had a great time with our children ages 12 to 6. Great way to build in some art class, on a homeschool day! Staff was helpful and kind!

  • veronica sedille
    veronica sedille
    8 months ago

    Fun activity for our teen homeschool group, very accommodating and the kids had a great time!

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