Opened mid-fall 2019 in downtown Dover, this the first physical outpost for the limited-batch, experimental arm of Smuttynose Brewing, showcasing new and unique craft beers through an ever-evolving 16-tap tower and a full scratch food menu.





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  • Katlyn Place
    Katlyn Place
    9 months ago

    Edit: still amazing with even better food and merch and still great selection of beer to try! Beyond excited to have Smuttlabs open up again! It was so sad to see them close but it just makes the reopen that much sweeter. Good to have you back!

  • Jason Kenney
    Jason Kenney
    4 months ago

    I went in with my wife and two kids on 7/24/22. I got a beer from the bar for my wife and was not asked for an ID. They saw my wife at the table with the beer and came and took it from her because she didn’t have her ID. We are both 26. My issue was that they served me alcohol with out asking me for an ID then took the beer from my wife for not having an ID and we’re not reasonable at all.

  • Michelle Ricco Jonas

    Great experience for the emerging and experienced foodies. Awesome atmosphere where you will receive prompt and friendly service. The food is magical and the staff are knowledgeable in helping you pair it with just the right ale. There is such a variety from just having munchies and brews to a full course evening of delight starting with an appetizer followed by your main course and ending with a blissful dessert.

  • Gina Ricciardelli
    Gina Ricciardelli
    6 months ago

    I keep trying to like this place but every time I go I'm disappointed. If it's bingo it's always so annoyingly loud and echoey and the speakers used are really tinney so you can't really carry a conversation much. That's happened to me twice now. They used to have some healthier options on the menu (I used to love the salmon option) pre pandemic but now I only find out food like burgers and greasy stuff for the most part. The drinks are good esp their cocktails but the food and the atmosphere are are meh.

  • Jessica Roy
    Jessica Roy
    7 months ago

    They USED to have the absolute BEST chicken tendies I’ve ever had…. Like ever. Then they suddenly changed the recipe or supplier and now they’re the same as everywhere else. So sad! 🥺🥺They are still good though, but they used to be so much better. Their fire ant margarita is amazing. My fav. Still recommend.

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