Spectacular and extremely scenic. Clean, cold pools, a twisting cavern, narrow passages, secret passage ways, lots of jumping from various heights. Lots to to and explore. One of the most beautiful scenic and geologic sites in New Hampshire. Even if you aren’t going to swim, this is a spot you shouldn’t miss. A bit eerie when there are no people around.





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  • Dennis OBrien
    Dennis OBrien
    a year ago

    Sculptured Rock site was very interesting. Water flowed softening and shaping the rock into new formations. Very cool. Bridge over the water gives good vantage point. You can swim in the water. Actually swimming is a little limited but you can get wet. Good visit.

  • Riley Welch
    Riley Welch
    3 weeks ago

    One of my favorite places to visit clean and cool water. Amazing natural rock formation!

  • J Z
    J Z
    3 weeks ago

    It's a nice place to cool off, but it can get busy.

  • Leanne Arvila
    Leanne Arvila
    4 years ago

    We went while it was raining, so the river was crazy white water. The woods behind the rock area are full of mushrooms, creatures, plants and rocks we liked looking at. Because of a light drizzle the mosquitoes were kept down and we had the place to ourselves. Found a geocache as well!

  • Cassie Lee Blanchette

    These rocks were fantastic!! Gorgeous waterfalls, trails, and the water was a great temperature!! No service up there, though, so it was just us and nature!!

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