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  • Tiffany
    4 months ago

    Went today for a birthday party and as cold as it was it was amazing. The kids were able to get a gingerbread man/woman and decorate it, they were able to ride all the rides but no water. My youngest was just barely tall enough to do all the rides which was amazing she was so happy to be able to ride everything. She loved to drive the cars, the log ride, Himalaya, the chimney etc. The food was amazing and my friend was able to rent a cabana for her daughters birthday party and we were able to have alone time. The only downfall of your planning a big party at the cabana is make sure you have a lot of help bringing things in as they won't allow you to park next to the cabana gate to just bring in gift ....plan ahead.(oh ya and the flowers are beautiful)

  • Christian
    3 months ago

    I've heard about this place for years but wow,such a great time! Park is immaculate. Staff is fantastic. We went beginning of October and it was perfect,hardly any lines and the foliage was awesome. My kids are 3 and 6 and both could go on every ride. The rides are fun even for adults and we spent a full day to go on everything. Thanks to the park for creating a memory I'll keep forever. FYI. Best rides are the sledding ride and log flume. Being the 1st of October I thought I'd be drenched and freezing on the flume ride but only a little splash. I couldn't have asked for a better day. It was about 60° out.

  • Neil Angotta
    Neil Angotta
    7 months ago

    One of our favorite places to take the kids, the park is laid out well with lots interactive Christmas themes. Always a small crowd and low wait times for attractions. The water park is a huge plus if your there in a hot day, it’s been expanded since the last time we were there. The water is not heated, so expect to be refreshed! We’ll be back again.

  • Chris Murray
    Chris Murray
    a month ago

    Santa's village in the winter time is a family tradition of ours. This year we went for the half day package which is more than enough for us. This year (2022) the weather was super agreeable with 40° days. I highly recommend the wintertime excursion Santa's village in Jefferson New Hampshire

  • Laura Ladd
    Laura Ladd
    6 months ago

    First time I've been back in 30 years. Now I got to bring my kids for the first time! Really enjoyed our time today. Everyone was very friendly and wait time was minimal even though it was a little busy. Absolutely the best time I have had at a park with my children.

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