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755 First NH Turnpike
Northwood, NH 03261
Phone: 603-485-1031

Activities and Amenities


Northwood Meadows State Park spans 674.5 acres in a wilderness setting. This wooded park has a vast wetlands area and is excellent for nature walks and picnicking. The park includes a pond created by a dammed brook – a popular place for fishing and non-motorized boating. The easily accessible trails also make the park an ideal place for biking, hiking, snowmobiling, and cross-country skiing.

Update on water levels at Meadow Lake:
The drop in water level in the pond is due to the deterioration and failure of the three pipes: the drop inlet, outlet pipe and low level drain that are used to regulate the water level and drain the pond.  Increasing the water level in the pond now would likely  result in the failure and loss of the entire dam.  This is because the low-level drainpipe used to drain the pond is leaking and allowing water to flow into the horizontal overflow pipe that runs through the dam.

This horizontal overflow pipe has deteriorated and is allowing water to erode the inside of the dam.  Anything that would increase the flow of water through this pipe and the surrounding material will result in a probable failure of the dam.

The Department had intended to maintain the majority of the volume of water in the pond that was there originally.  A bypass spillway was installed in 2014 to prevent water from overtopping the vertical portion of the drop inlet pipe that feeds into the deteriorated section through the dam. At that time it was unknown how long the low-level drain would last.

Department staff has been on site three times over the last two weeks to assess and monitor the dam.  This includes one site visit with the NH DES Dam Bureau who also conducted an assessment of overall condition of the dam.  We will need to work DES to determine the next steps and agree on the parameters for a DES permit to repair the dam if the funding can be secured.

Replacement of this dam would require a reengineering and complete removal costing $300,000 or more. It is the Department’s hope to be able to replace the existing control and drain mechanism in kind and maintain the 2014 bypass control which would be much less expensive.  The support for all of this the work comes from capital funds and, as a self-funded park system,  the revenue generated by other parks across the state.  Our current hope is that we will be able to avoid having to spend the money to replace the existing dam and implement the 2014 bypass.


Philip A. Bryce
NH Division of Parks and Recreation

*Northwood Meadows is an unstaffed park and reservations are not required.

Northwood Meadows Trail Map (NALMC)
Guptill-Lamprey Pasture Conservation Area Trail Map (this is an abutting property not owned by the state)
Northwood Area Land Management Collaborative (NALMC)

Operating Schedule

This park is always open for recreation unless closed or restricted by posting. This park is not staffed and the only facility is a pit toilet.

Recreationists should possess the necessary knowledge, skill, and equipment to ensure their own safety. Users assume all risk while recreating in State Park lands.

Are pets allowed at Northwood Meadows State Park?

Pets are permitted in the park. Pets must be on leash. See the NH State Parks Pets Policy for more information.

Keep Your Parks Clean

Through the Carry-In/Carry-Out Program, you can help us keep your parks clean and beautiful by carrying out whatever you carry in. Thank you for your cooperation and remember to recycle.

Access for Persons with Disabilities

Visit our Accessibility for All webpage at For more information on specific accessibilty needs or questions, please contact the individual park office directly.

Notice: Drone Use is Restricted
Drone use is restricted at all NH State Parks. Drone operators are not permitted take off or land within NH State Park boundaries.





Google Reviews

57 reviews
  • She Rowe
    She Rowe
    2 months ago

    Great place to hike with family including our furry kid the only thing I'd say bad at all about this beautiful place would be the large amount of off leash dogs I use to love bringing my dogs here but in the past couple years some people haven't been keeping their dogs close and it worries me

  • Kevin Hotaling
    Kevin Hotaling
    9 months ago

    Beautiful landscape, but the larger roads diminish some of the magic of wandering through New England woodlands. Fortunately, there's plenty of side paths and bushwhacking to be had ... take some time to enjoy the creek / small falls right next to the entrance!

  • Debra O'Connor
    Debra O'Connor
    4 months ago

    Had a nice hike today with Casie & Lil Charlie oh yes and pup OTTO or mosquitoes, black flies it was a great hike.Started on the lake trail switched to the green trail took us about 1hour 20 min..

  • Gina Panik
    Gina Panik
    a year ago

    Gorgeous spot for a long walk! Took us about an hour and a half to walk around the whole lake (we took our time and stopped to enjoy the views).

  • Patricia Becker
    Patricia Becker
    4 months ago

    Great hiking spot. Wished for more info as we were in trails, i.e. back to parking lot, blue trail, green trail etc.

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