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Ice Castles is an award-winning frozen attraction located in five cities across North America. The experience is built using hundreds of thousands of icicles hand-placed by professional ice artists. The castles include breathtaking LED-lit sculptures, frozen thrones, ice-carved tunnels, slides, fountains and much more.





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  • Clara Q
    Clara Q
    6 months ago

    Have been “following” this attraction for a few years but never managed to get reservations. This year kept checking, as it noted a delayed opening date due to the weather, finally made reservations. Entrance and sleigh ride. It’s something different to do. We dressed warmly and enjoyed everything it had to offer (I’m also very appreciative of people’s time to work and make this available to the general public). They had a sign listed for tours on the hour but they weren’t offering any that day (should have posted a sign noting so because we spent 15 minutes or so waiting then had to go to their “store” to ask and is when we were told they were not being offered). There is a short snow tube attraction and an ice slide. My 13 year old son and 8 year old niece had a blast! The horse sleigh is a short ride through the woods but worth it. We went in the morning and were able to admire (horses are brought in from Wyoming!). The woods were lit in different colors and later in the evening I’m sure would look magical. Staff is attentive and courteous especially with the kids (very organized). Highly recommend!

  • Jack Sullivan
    Jack Sullivan
    4 months ago

    Great experience. Not cheap but what is today? Very family oriented. We had a perfect day and right on cue, it snowed while we were there. Couldn’t ask for a better day. Horse drawn sleigh was extra but worth it. First time in my 70 years I’ve been on a real sleigh ride. Driver was great and so were the horses. I’d highly recommended it for a great family memory.

  • Kevin Duong
    Kevin Duong
    6 months ago

    Definitely something everyone should experience once in their lifetime. Highly recommend coming during sunset to get a good mix of the daylight transition into night-time. Great place for a date or family outing. Beautiful light trail, sleigh rides (costs extra), snow tubing, a mega slide, and a concession stand as well. Also a gift shop with stuffed animals, shirts, magic wands, and beanies.

  • Crystal Kirkirt
    Crystal Kirkirt
    8 months ago

    TL;DR I do recommend experiencing it for yourself, but offer a word of caution about the likelihood of overcrowding. We went on a Saturday night, entry time was 8:30-9:00PM. Obviously it's beautiful, so let's go ahead and chat about this 3⭐. We walked up to find a line of people waiting to get their ticket(s) scanned. It took us about 10ish minutes to move through the line and actually enter the castle. Once we did eventually get inside it was difficult to enjoy a lot of it. Every tunnel, walkway, intersection, and indicated photo opportunity spot was blocked by lots of people. In some cases people started forming lines. There were so many people frequently stopping to take pictures that it created a traffic jam and made just trying to move around and explore incredibly difficult. Outside of the castle was amazing. The laser show along a short path through the woods directly behind the castle is magical. There were ropes to hold onto as you moved through the trail, which was really helpful considering some spots were understandably icy (it was -2°). Honestly, "magical" is an understatement and you've really just got to experience it yourself. For eats I definitely recommend getting some hot chocolate and cookies. Your fingers and sweet tooth will thank you.

  • Stephanie Simpers
    Stephanie Simpers
    7 months ago

    Beautiful experience! The forest lights are just as pretty as the castles. Definitely take some micro-spikes for your shoes, as there are several small inclines & downhill slopes & it's quite slippery. Be prepared for small lines/wait times upon entry and inside the castle itself. And also, please listen to the staff when they ask you to not let your children climb on/touch/lick the ice sculptures. Hard work went into creating this place. Be respectful ✌️

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