With over 80 flavors of hard ice cream, custom blended frappes, homemade brownie sundaes, and the best soft serve, there is something for everyone!





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  • Abbyt
    6 months ago

    Great local spot to get icecream! They have SOOO many flavor options to pick from. Their icecream is seriously delicious. And they even have nonDairy/Dairy-free options. As well as some sugar free or low sugar options available. They have places to sit and enjoy your icecream on-site but this is not an icecream shop that you go into to enjoy your icecream, your order is taken from their front porch and there is both space to stand and picnic tables for you to enjoy your icecream. Lots of ppl enjoy their icecream in the parking lot too. It is not the most accessible bc of the big step you have to take to get up on the porch... Parking is free and just a short walk to the shop.

  • Jerry Hunsicker
    Jerry Hunsicker
    4 months ago

    Great tasting ice cream. A little slow I thought on preparing the order. I would certainly return! Plenty of parking as the store next door is closed down.

  • Sierra Carbaugh
    Sierra Carbaugh
    7 months ago

    Friendly service and great quality ice cream and even put milk bones in the vanilla ice cream mini for the puppy! Definitely coming back again especially they have really good frappes

  • Mark Carden
    Mark Carden
    5 months ago

    Best place in town for ice 🍦🍨 and sundaes!! Huge selection of flavors but I like to stick to the conventional basics for ice cream 🍦

  • Scott Sturgeon
    Scott Sturgeon
    8 months ago

    Excellent ice cream in a multitude of flavors. Portions are quite large and a small size has two scoops showing above the cone. For those who only like a single scoop get a kiddie cone. Service is primarily provided by teens but they are apparently well managed. There are no indoor dining facility and parking is in the unused store next door's lot. Prices are reasonable compared to other premium ice cream shops in the area.

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