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  • Star McBabe
    Star McBabe
    9 months ago

    If your children love ticket games, this is the place to be. I really wanted to ride the 2 story indoor carousel but there was a line, and no one was running it in person to ask about special tickets or rider limits. I saw an original Centipede cabinet on the top floor and was super excited, hoping desperately to find more than a Mrs. Pacman vintage cab with someone clearly spending their day there, and 8 mediocre pinball machines. Had there been a half dozen more retro games in all the empty space I would have purchased a cup of tokens and stayed a while. The restrooms and facilities looked fairly maintained for an aging property and the large windows and open stairwells truly make for a cool atypical arcade gaming experience. This site also has quite a few 2 & 4 seater contemporary sit in FPS games. I will definitely be back, but with some little ones next time!

  • Celeste Long
    Celeste Long
    4 months ago

    I have not been to Fun World since 1993 when I had a party for my then 2yr old. My grandson (7) had a wonderful time. Very age appropriate. Only problem I had was the inside slide was $12. Someone in Marketing missed the mark. I would have paid $5 per hour for each child. Every hour change the color bands

  • Jason Woodley
    Jason Woodley
    a year ago

    Place is skeezy. Lots of broken games, no one attending the rides, play area is closed. Several rooms being used as storage. Old racetrack outside, clearly not being used. Lower parking deck is closed, so parking is limited. Bathrooms were gross, no urinals in the men's room. Only two stall and one was small enough that an adult would have trouble sitting down. Saw several old creepy dudes walking around without kids. The only positive was that the machines weren't that token hungry and $20 (plus free $7 bonus) went pretty far. Would not come again.

  • Thomas Silk
    Thomas Silk
    11 months ago

    Kids loved it although the play areas closed for covid the Carousel was open as well as all there games. Really good place to blow a couple hrs and 20 bucks having fun

  • That Goose
    That Goose
    4 months ago

    Me and my daughter come here regularly and it's always a good time. Lots of games to win tickets and lots of arcade games just for fun. There are games from all generations here and you'll surely find one of your childhood favorites. Have a little extra patience with staff. I know they are struggling with employees like everyone else. Kitchen and dining areas are actually pretty nice for an arcade. Food is pretty basic. Unfortunately you get all kinds of people here that will take advantage of young kids. My 9 year old has complained several times that when she dropped a token an adult ran up and took it. Same thing with a strip of tickets. Keep your items close.

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