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  • Tee
    3 months ago

    European Face and Body Studio is amazing! The customer service is wonderful & consistently incredible spa services! The spa is clean, comfortable & relaxing! Olga is exceptional! I see her for eyebrow threading and wax services - SHE'S THE BEST! Olga cares about her clients and wants everyone to walk away pleased with their services. Marlene is so kind & always greets you with a smile. Anne Marie runs a really wonderful business, adding new services all the time! Something didn't turn out as you expected? Talk to the team, they are responsive and they care! Thank you European Face and Body Studio - we appreciate you!

  • Maylena Chaviano
    Maylena Chaviano
    2 weeks ago

    Terrible experience! Today is my birthday, my friend reserved for me and my mom to have a facial there. I called ahead and said I was going to be 10mins late, if that was ok. The person on the phone said it was ok. My mom and I arrived and a very rude lady told me they could only do one of us (my mom or me) and since I was late, they could only do 40mins but still charge for 1hr, even though I was only 10 mins late and not 20. If they had just said over the phone that they could only take one of us and the service time could have been reduced I could have understood. But don't tell me is ok and then give me a different information after I arrived. Also, I totally respect wearing masks but if it is mandatory in your location, please have masks available there for your customers to wear. We don't know your rules until we arrive...

  • Libby Chamberlin
    Libby Chamberlin
    3 months ago

    disconcerting experience. Annmarie didn't knock to reenter the room while I was undressing prior to the service and just barged in. After the service she left me undressed and uncovered on the table when she opened the door to walk out. I found this frankly violative. The service itself was... subpar. She claimed lines were even when they really weren't and seemed exasperated that I was there. ISO better waxing options in the area.

  • Juliana Mello
    Juliana Mello
    3 months ago

    I wish I could give 0 stars. This place is absolutely awful and a waste of money and time. The service, which I got from the two aestheticians they have, is incredibly poor and unprofessional. I was literally told that I had no blackheads once I asked to have them extracted, meanwhile my face was full of them. I got them extracted two weeks later by my regular and trustworthy aesthetician who was shocked by the irresponsibility of the team at European face and body. I would NOT recommend this place to anyone with real skin concerns, especially acne related ones. Don’t waste your time and money.

  • Eiley McGregor
    Eiley McGregor
    5 months ago

    I see Olga for brazilians and I LOVE her. She’s super sweet, easy to talk to, and good at what she does. The whole experience is very comfortable every time!

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