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  • Emily Blossom
    Emily Blossom
    6 months ago

    I went in for a facial and my mom went in for a massage. I saw Marie and my mom saw Jacob. The experience was amazing from start to finish and we felt very welcome and at home. The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly and we both were raving about it the whole night and next morning. I highly recommend for a first time spa goer like me or if you’re looking for a relaxing girls day! 10 out of 10 from beginning to end!

  • Fred Lybrand
    Fred Lybrand
    6 months ago

    EDITED 7 DAYS AFTER POST: I’ve moved this to 2 stars from 1 based on Cascade’s response to this post. They refunded the amount, agreed that the post was accurate - my intent was not to be mean - and will work w my wife and daughter if they’re willing to return. Hospitality is a valuable industry, staffing and training are a challenge everywhere. We love this resort - family and friends stay here all year long. ORIGINAL REVIEW BELOW: If you’re a husband / father looking for a nice gift for a woman in your life - go elsewhere, this isn’t it. I’ve sent my wife and daughter here 4+ times in the past two years for manicures and pedicures - but not anymore after most recent visit. Here are some of their comments: “We’re not going there again.” “It’s extremely unpleasant.” “In over 20 years of manicures - that was the worst, it was extreme, it was bad.” “Castle is much better, it’s not too far from the hotel.” “They don’t use acetone to remove polish - they have some other method that caused a chemical burn and involved chiseling off past polish.” “The location is pretty, but its not worth the cost.” “We asked for a French manicure - which is very standard - and the response was ‘I’m not trained to do that’ - so then what is covered in training?” “It will take months for my nails to recover”

  • Savannah Murphy
    Savannah Murphy
    5 months ago

    jocelin is the best nail tech. great manicure!

  • Judy
    9 months ago

    This spa was the most exquisite feeling I've ever had in my life they cater to your every whim. The staff is so friendly and attentive and they know everything about their specialty service, whether it be hair facial body nails anything they can do it and they know exactly what they're doing. If you have very sensitive skin which I do they have products just designed for your face it's very gentle and your skin feels wonderful afterwards. They use only top of the line quality facial and body products on you you will feel like a million dollars when you walk out of this place it's wonderful I would recommend this to anyone. The perfect day if you want to pamper yourself this is up at lake Winnipesaukee in Meredith right on the water it's a day you'll never forget.

  • Anne-Marie Bracken
    Anne-Marie Bracken
    6 months ago

    Sarah provided me with a wonderful tranquility massage. Her touch was just the right pressure for me. Also, her friendly demeanor helped me relax even more. I would recommend her and the Cascade Spa to anyone.

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